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Today’s Message from Janet’s Plan-its™

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High hopes early about love or finances put yesterday’s qualms to rest. Before long, new concerns arise about how much care to invest in a situation.

Seize the Right Day

The power of astrology lies in timing, whether for maximizing potentials present at a birth moment or choosing a time to give birth to an activity or entity. The nature of the input impacts the quality of the output. That’s why one of my specialties is Time Selection.

Here are some examples of frequently requested Time Selection topics.

Real Estate

Whether you’re the seller or the buyer, astrology can point to your prime prospects for a financially advantageous deal. Your “Time Selection” might be for the right time to sign with a realtor, list your property or make or receive an offer or counter-offer. Selling on your own? You’ll have the ultimate flexibility to hit the “list” button at the precise hour and minute your astrologer recommends.

Seize the Right Day!


Your wedding day is the birth day of your marriage. It’s possibly the most important day of your life! Certainly, it’s one where you'll want to be at your best. Boost the most positive features in both your and your partner's charts, as well as your “couple” chart, to best represent the two of you as one.

Seize the Right Day!

Medical Procedures

Most people blindly accept an appointment time from their doctor. For something as important as a procedure, major diagnostic test or surgery, you'll want the winds of the planets at your back. When your astrologer chooses from among several options or suggests a date to propose to your health practitioner, you’re not just along for the ride; you’re getting into the driver’s seat.

Seize the Right Day!

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