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You've come to the right place for real astrology readings  AND Janet's Plan-its, a fabulous user-friendly astrology calendar. It's for everyone, regardless of your sign.

Scroll down to see what's inside the calendar! And check out what happy customers say!

To see the Retrogrades and New and Full Moons for 2015, download this free PDF: 2015 On a Page.

From here, you can click to "LOOKING UP," my show on award-winning West Hartford (CT) Community Television, now archived on line, and since March 2012, featuring "green screen" technology. Cool!

Your site host, Janet Booth, posing with a beautiful celestial painting by Laurie Tavino, photographed by Lauries husband, Ray Pioggia.Better than a computer-generated report, I work with you one-on-one, applying 30+ years of astrological experience to help you better understand yourself and your life. I'm known for offering practical counsel, insights, ideas and ah-ha's to help you go after your dreams and achieve your goals. Any time is a great time for a personal reading, especially at the beginning of your personal new year at your birthday. Astrology readings are a wonderful gift to give or to receive any time!

Contact me to set up an appointment for a reading (in person, by phone or via Skype). I can help you select an astrologically appropriate time to implement your plan (whatever it may be) or answer a question for you. My services include other specialties, such as readings for couples (including wedding date selection) and indications from your birthday chart ("Solar Return" forecast). I also do "Star Parties," lectures for groups, and interviews for broadcast or print media.

I look at astrology in ways that are different from most other astrologers. For instance, I noticed a special dance between the Sun and the Moon from a unique perspective. This is definitely something new under the Sun! To find out about it, ORDER THE CD of my lecture at the 2008 United Astrology Conference:

Sol-Lunar Threepeats. Unlike the planets, the Sun and Moon do not backtrack and zigzag, giving us three chances to learn a lesson or a three-part manifestation of a potential. BUT the Moon traverses the 30 degrees or so between one New Moon and the next at the beginning of a lunar cycle, with the Sun following behind it. At the end of the cycle, looping around to catch up with the Sun, the Moon comes through that degree range again. So between the two luminaries, that slice of the zodiac gets a 3-part repetition of attention. The name "three-peat" is based on a sports team winning three championships in a row (a la UConn Women's Basketball).

Order Janet's Plan-Its 2015 Easy- to-Use Astrology Calendar! - $18.98 List Price


Customers rave:

“ingenious”  “pragmatic”  "amazingly accurate”

"exactly what I want in an astrology calendar”

“I use many astrology calendars – this is best!”        Read more reviews.



Many of the calendar’s key features are explained in this illustration of the daily listings (below) and in Using This Planner.

Back Cover Janet's Plan-Its

See the full range of what's in the calendar in the Table of Contents.

Here's a sample of 2 weekly pages.

Helpful reference pages for newcomers to astrology:

  • The Twelve Houses
  • Keywords
  • The Star Pages explain the timing and meaning of a planet passing through a sign, when it changes the apparent direction of its motion, or when two (or more) planets interact.
  • A unique feature is Janet’s list of Best and Worst Days for Various Activities. This partial list serves as an example. 
  • A handy tool to see the year’s Retrogrades and New and Full Moons consolidated on one page is 2015 On a Page (free PDF download).


Colleagues & Professionals: This calendar is a great place to start when you're setting up an electional chart. Quick tips help you narrow down to a day or time of day fast!


"People tell me I have a knack for making the complexities of astrology easy to understand. "

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What's New ...

Consultation fees are going up as of June 30, 2015. Pay by May 31 and schedule by Aug. 31 to take advantage of the current pricing.

In addition to the fabulous print version (in its 15th Year!) - with a price reduced to $12.98 (over 30% off) - there is now an abbreviated Kindle version of Janet's Plan-its 2015, called the Quick & Easy astrology calendar, available at Amazon for just $4.49.

Janet's Plan-its is great for anyone from novice to pro! New features from the 2012 edition are repeated again in the 2015 print version:

All Star List of the year's main celestial phenomena sorted by zodiac degree (so you can find what's affecting your chart when and what it means), Maria Kay Simms' rituals for the moon's phases, medical astrologer Diane Cramer's information on the signs and health, and a table of related moon phase "families," courtesy of Dietrech Pessin's Lunar Shadows. The 2015 calendar features "English-only" weekly Highlights with the astrological details off to the side.

See Janet interviewed on TV all about the 2011 calendar.

Learn how to use Janet's calendar in conjunction with YOUR chart in a personal consultation.


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Free Download!"2015 On a Page"

free download gives the Retrograde dates and degrees for the year as well as the dates and degrees of the New and Full Moons in a handy format. It's one of many great unique features in Janet's Plan-its 2015 Celestial Planner.


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