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A perfect gift for anyone of any sign:  Janet's Plan-its Celestial Planner, of course!

Perfect Gifts for the Signs

Suggestions Ranging From Inexpensive to Extravagant

by Janet Booth


INTRODUCTION (See below for Gift Suggestions)


When you read about “the signs” in astrology, usually what’s meant is the “Sun signs.” These are the month-long periods according to the sign through which the Sun is passing. The dates don’t correspond to calendar months, and vary slightly from year to year. This is because calendars are man-made and we stick an extra day into the calendar every four years (at Leap Year), shifting the alignment of the calendar to the seasons and thus to the signs. (The signs are related to the seasons. Aries issues in spring, Cancer heralds summer, Libra launches fall and Capricorn starts winter.)


If someone is born near the date that separates two signs (“the cusp”), the person is either one sign or the other, not a blend of the two (a common misconception).  If you find out the person’s birth time, you can determine which sign is correct by checking when the sign changed the year of the person’s birth, or by obtaining a birth chart for the person based on the time of birth. (A free birth chart can be obtained at When you look at a chart, if you don’t know the symbol for the Sun or for the signs, check my “Astrologer’s Apprentice Cheat Sheet.”


Due to the configuration of the planets at birth, a person might be more like a sign other than the Sun sign, so these shopping tips are rough guidelines. You might also try selecting gifts according to the “Rising” sign or the sign the Moon was in at birth. (The Rising sign is at the eastern horizon, the dividing line between the 12th and 1st houses. On a chart, it’s on the left where 9 o’clock would be on a clock face. Its accuracy is dependent on having a precise time of birth.)


Obviously, use common sense and your knowledge of the recipient. For instance, when I mention reptiles for Scorpios, not every Scorpio would appreciate that or maybe not a live reptile, at least, though maybe some art or jewelry with a snake design would be OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you head out shopping, check if the Moon is “Void of Course” and that’s your tip to avoid shopping mishaps. This is a condition that occurs every couple days or so, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or an entire day. It is always noted in my Janet’s Plan-its calendars, and in many other astrological calendars, too. When the Moon is Void, we’re more likely to have “buyer’s regret” or not be happy with our purchases. Even a gift recipient may end up not using the gift or appreciating it. I have found, though, that sometimes I stumble upon some good finds during Moon Void of Course, but they were not items that I was specifically seeking.


Whatever a person’s sign, of course a wonderful gift is my Janet’s Plan-its Celestial Planner. One size fits all! And check out the Gift Certificates for my services. Maybe you’d like to receive one yourself – put it on your wish list!

Knowing what people of the various signs appreciate will help you in selecting a gift, so I begin each section with a brief description.


ARIES (3/21 - 4/20) This is an impatient sign that can’t be bothered with things which require attention to details. They’re not likely to read a book. They’re action-oriented and quite competitive. They usually follow at least one type of match or sport – find that out and you can easily please them with paraphernalia or memorabilia. 

       Gifts: earrings, headbands, hats; anything wool or fleecy; hot, spicy foods or condiments; knives, guns; candles, fireworks, fireplace accessories or a lighter; grilling implements; sporting equipment or game tickets; fast cars, mechanics manuals; tools; mirrors; facials; anything “instant”

       Color(s): red – all shades (but not pink), orange, yellow

       Metal(s); Stones: iron; amethyst, diamond, garnet


TAURUS (4/21 – 5/20) These sensuous people like anything that pleases one or more of the senses. They have a keen sense of the value of items and appreciate a good buy – as do all the earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn, too); a bargain is great as long as you don’t sacrifice quality. Items that are both practical and beautiful are sure to be a hit.

       Gift Suggestions: anything sensual – soft or textured, scented; fine, beautiful objects, art, jewelry - especially necklaces; anything expensive; money; a massage or visit to the beauty parlor or plastic surgeon; dancing lessons; musical instruments or lessons; something wonderful to eat, whether dinner or sweets; gift cards or certificates; wallet or purse

     Color(s): all varieties of green; pastels: pink, blue, green & yellow

       Metal(s); Stones: copper; coral, emerald


GEMINI (5/21 – 6/20) Ideas and curiosities fascinate Gemini types; they enjoy anything that stimulates the mind. They’d love you just to sit and listen to them! They’re always on the go and multi-tasking. They could use something to help them be more grounded.

       Gift Suggestions: books, bookends, magazine subscription, poster, road atlas, map; reading light; briefcase, filing cabinet; telephone, stationery; computer or associated items; music equipment, radio, TV, recorder; bicycle, car, skates, skateboard, walking shoes or hiking boots; tickets for a tour; wind instrument (harmonica, ocarina, flute, etc.); manicure; language lessons, yoga classes; crossword puzzles, word games; handwriting analysis; a bird – or two – or a book about bird-watching; two of anything

     Color(s): most colors, especially yellow

       Metal(s); Stones: mercury; agate, aquamarine


CANCER (6/21 – 7/22) These are the sentimental homebodies of the zodiac; family means the world to them. Safety and security are important, too. Like all water signs (Scorpio and Pisces, too). They love water. If Cancer is the Sun sign, try to find out the Moon sign, which can trump this Sun sign since the Moon “rules” Cancer; then shop according to that Moon sign.

       Gift Suggestions: glassware; flowers; things for the home or garden, especially sentimental or traditional items; home safe or security system; antiques or cozy things; any kind of food (maybe not too spicy), especially home-cooked or home-baked, seafood or dairy items); restaurant gift certificate; family heirlooms; photo frames; boat, anything ocean-y, aquarium, fish pond, fountain, swimming pool

     Color(s): silver (or iridescent), gray, green

       Metal(s); Stones: silver; emerald, onyx, pearl


LEO (7/23 – 8/22) A Leo likes to be the center of attention and you’ll score points by remembering his or her birthday or special occasion with at least some token of affection; better yet, throw a big party. This creative sign needs play toys at any age.

       Gift Suggestions: clothes; gold, jewelry, a jewelry case; anything flashy, showy or dramatic; toys, games, pool table; art supplies; picnic or fun outing, entertainment or sporting tickets; party supplies; a pet (especially a cat); anything monogrammed; gift certificate for a portrait; lottery ticket, stock; large flowers; solarium; stove; statue of a lion for indoors or outside.

     Color(s): yellow, orange, gold

       Metal(s); Stones: gold; amber, diamond, ruby


VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22) Don’t go for the frills in a gift for practical and particular Virgo. It’s smart to include a gift receipt or to be prepared for the gift to be returned with instructions for what would really please this fussy sign. They’re intellectual and a little hypochondriacal. They help others so much, maybe they’d like someone to help them!

       Gift Suggestions: anything miniature, finely-detailed or with cubby holes; finely crafted items; cabinet, armoire, closet organizers; books (even a reference book), map; craft or gardening supplies, hothouse; health food, body-care product, manicure, massage, medicinal herbs; jigsaw puzzle; work-related items; pottery, baskets; dining accoutrements, recipes; small animal (especially a cat); tailoring or personal service    

     Color(s): navy blue, dark brown, green, earth tones

       Metal(s); Stones: mercury, nickel; pink jasper


LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22) These romantic idealists yearn for a world that doesn’t exist, so their perfect gift is something that feeds their fancy. They don’t like to be alone and appreciate any kind of social invitation. They’re art aficionados if not artists themselves.

       Gift Suggestions: art, fine art or anything aesthetic, especially if symmetrical; luxury items, fine furniture, items for the bedroom or boudoir; cosmetics, perfume; dancing, yoga or gymnastic lessons; jewelry, flowers, candy, anything romantic – including “mushy” cards; tokens of affection; gift certificate to a salon or spa; anything that aids entertaining guests; music, poetry    

     Color(s): shades of blue, pink, pale green

       Metal(s); Stones: copper; coral, diamond, opal


SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/22) Privacy is paramount to the Scorpio, with mystery, money and sex all tied for a close second. They tend to hang onto things (and people) way too long – offer to help clean out their basement, attic or garage and to keep the secrets their rubbish reveals; they’ll be loyal to you for life.

       Gift Suggestions: stocks, bonds, money; lingerie or underthings; trip to a “honeymoon” resort, spa or sweat lodge; psychic training classes, hypnosis session, occult items or books/tapes/CDs about spirituality, the afterlife, shamanism or Wicca; drum; fertility figurine; reptile; spy novel, murder mystery; items for the bathroom

       Color(s): brown, dark red, maroon

       Metal(s); Stones: steel or iron; malachite, topaz


SAGITTARIUS (11/23 – 12/21) People of this sign love to explore, travel, learn and adventure (even if it’s “arm-chair exploration” via a book or video). They like big things and the great outdoors. Horses appeal to them. They have a religious/philosophical or professorial side, but they’re not always serious; they’ve got a great sense of humor.

       Gift Suggestions: outdoorsy things, camping or sporting equipment (archery is a natural – their symbol is the archer); foreign objects or foreign language books/classes, or any books; air tickets or a cruise, maps or a globe; luggage or travel accessories; gag gifts; model ships, planes or rockets        

     Color(s): dark blue, purple

       Metals and Stones: tin; turquoise


CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/21) people appreciate quality and would rather receive one valuable item than a pile of bargains any day. Time is important to them, so giving your time or talents or some type of a labor-saving device will be appreciated.

       Gift Suggestions: the top of the line of any item; land or real estate; career-related books or tapes; status symbols; organizing accessories; furniture; anything practical or useful - not frivolous; air conditioner, refrigerator, cooler, thermal bag/pack; gift certificate for a chiropractor; garden implements; cornucopia; leather goods; pyramid; something made of stone or carved from bone (such as scrimshaw); old valuable items; bath salts; sculpture, pottery; clock, watch, timer     

     Color(s): gray, black, dark brown

       Metal(s); Stones: silver; crystals, onyx, moonstone


AQUARIUS (1/22 – 2/19) If everybody else wants it, don’t get it for the Aquarius – he or she would rather be a loner or trendsetter than follow the pack. Cancel that if it’s the latest gizmo, though. They wish they were living in the future or that past instead of now.

       Gift Suggestions: anything ancient, antique or ultra-modern; history or sci fi books; electronics, including computers, video games, TVs, telephones; scientific instruments or gadgets; unique or unusual things; membership in a group; ankle bracelet; astrology reading or anything metaphysical/spiritual

     Color(s): turquoise, electric blue, metallic version of any color

       Metal(s); Stones: aluminum; black pearl, obsidian, sapphire


PISCES (2/20 – 3/20) The chameleons of astrology, Pisces adapt to any environment and can find something to like about any gift – unless it’s something irritating. They’re very sensitive, perhaps overly sensitive to chemicals and strong fragrances. They often take a beating from life and respond well to being pampered, wanting to reciprocate.

       Gift Suggestions: aquarium, boat or anything to do with water or the sea, even seashells or a seafood dinner; wine or fine spirits; footwear, socks, pedicure, foot massage; anything artsy or whimsical; cards, pendulum, symbol systems or other means of divination; dancing lessons, entertainment; rosary beads or other spiritual/religious articles; photographs; poetry, art, music; fountain, pond, pool; bed, sleep aids  

     Color(s): white, muted tones, pastels, sea colors

       Metal(s); Stones: platinum, tin; chrysolite, moonstone


Hopefully these suggestions will help you buy things that will be appreciated by the recipients. Good luck shopping!


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