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Your Personal Moon Cycles

©2000 Janet Booth

We’re all familiar with the moon’s rhythm of phases, marking our months. (In fact, moon, month and measure stem from the same root word.) The moon also marks phases in our lives. Its cycles of 29-1/2 days stretch out into personal cycles of 29-1/2 years as your life unfolds.

The astrological technique called “progressions” moves your birth horoscope forward over time as a way to measure your progress. You grow beyond your original zodiac sign (also known as your sun sign) into the following signs, keeping your basic tendencies and adding new behaviors to your repertoire.* You have personal new moons in the ensuing signs at certain points. Some people will also have 1, 2 or even 3 personal eclipses, denoting exceptional times of particular importance.

Your first new moon will either be in your sun sign or in the next sign, depending on how far into your sign and into the moon cycle you were born. You plant seeds for the cycle as it begins. The new moon’s sign describes the cycle’s new behaviors, circumstances or approaches to life. It can take a year or two for the new cycle’s developments to get going, just as it takes a day or two after a new moon to see the crescent moon.

A turning point or shift in direction often occurs about 7 years into the cycle, at the first quarter phase. Decisions may have to be made from a “gut level” without full information. The cycle peaks 14-15 years after the start, at the full moon, a time of culmination as situations come to a head, often with a high level of activity and a high level of stress. The cycle winds down or plays out throughout the second half. The decisions required at the third quarter gear-shifting phase, at the 21-year point, are made with awareness and a more conscious perspective since the full moon brought full light. Loose ends can be tied up during the last couple of years, or there may be a fallow period before the next new moon.

To estimate the timing of your cycles, have your astrological chart calculated. (You can do this for free at Astrology.Net.) If you don’t know your birth time, use noon to yield a fairly accurate moon phase. Locate the sun (symbolized by a circle with a dot in the middle) and the moon (a crescent). Count how many signs the moon is ahead of the sun counterclockwise. Subtract this number from 12, then multiply the result by 2-1/2. Around this age, you began your first new moon cycle of 29-1/2 years. (If the moon and sun are in the same sign, this will be around age 28-30.)

Review your life and consider if new beginnings and peak times seem to correlate with your personal new and full moons. If you are really curious, a reputable astrologer can provide exact dates, signs and influences of your personal moon phases.

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