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Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

Inside, the right side usually says this (but can be customized):

an astrological reading with Janet Booth
Professional Astrologer
West Hartford, CT

She's looking forward to your call
860-232-4670 (a Connecticut number) or 1-877-293-1607 (toll-free)

to arrange an appointment.
Please give her your day, month, year,
time and place of birth.
Your appointment can be in person, by phone or via mail
and includes charts, notes & cassette or CD recording.


Choose from the covers and verses below:

gift certificate

Cover 1

What you are is the Universe's gift to you. What you do with yourself is your gift to the Universe.

Verse 1

Gift Certificate

Cover 2

Did you know you're the perfect you? The only person who can smile your smile or laugh your laugh. Only you can share your incredible "you-ness" with anyone lucky enough to know you.

Verse 2

Star Cover

Cover 3

Astrology shows just how unique and special you are, what you and you alone can do and be.

Verse 3


Cover 4

Your baby's birth chart shows the uniqueness of your child and the special person he or she will grow up to be.

Verse 4


Cover 5

To know oneself is a gift. Astrolgoy shows just how unique and special you are, what you and you alone can do and be.

Verse 5


Cover 6


You have a talent for making others feel special. Now it's your turn to get the royal treatment.

Verse 6

 Gift Certificates with love them

Cover 7

For the Lovebirds 

Each couple has a special magic unique to them alone. Discover the glue that holds you together, the fizz that keeps your love lively, as well as your challenges and strategies for meeting them.

Verse 7

 Gift Certificate with Love theme

Cover 8

You fill my heart like no one else ever could.

So I want to do something unique and different for you to show you how special I think you are.

[NOTE: There is a fancy heart above the verse where you have the option to insert the name of your beloved. IF YOU WANT THAT OPTION, advise your beloved’s name in the Special Instructions section of your order.]

Verse 8

Janet will send a printed gift certificate to your gift recipient directly if you wish or to you to present yourself to the recipient.

Increase quantity in shopping cart to increase dollar value of your gift certificate.  

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Price: $20.00

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